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Cheap metal axe w/ active pups?

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  • Cheap metal axe w/ active pups?

    I already have a couple "real" guitars but I'd like to own a cheap axe that I can bring out just for a couple ultra-crunchy metal tunes. Something very cheap ($300 range) loaded w/ active pickups (either Duncan Metal LiveWire or EMG's) and maybe some wierd, pointy, metal shape? It doesn't have to stay in tune for more than a couple songs, no fancy bridge, tuners or other expensive options. It's sole purpose would be to look cool on stage for about 10 minutes and be ultra, mega, massively heavy crunchy! I'd even be willing to build something from parts if it's easy enough. Any recommendations?

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    Re: Cheap metal axe w/ active pups?

    Doesn't get any better. A rare electric Guild with killer Kahler trem and an EMG-81
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      Re: Cheap metal axe w/ active pups?

      Esp makes a SG style guitar with EMG 81's for around 500 dolls maybe you can find a second somewhere.


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        Re: Cheap metal axe w/ active pups?

        Yep, grab an ESP LTD. I'd bet on the F-400FM LTD, it'll kick ass and take numbers for a nice price. Oh yeah, it's got them EMG's in them too.

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          Re: Cheap metal axe w/ active pups?

          BC Rich Body Art series.

          Can be obtained new for under 300$, have pointy shapes andf graphics, Fixed bridges and halfway defent tuners
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