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Best speaker for a Bogner Ecstasy (101B)

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  • Best speaker for a Bogner Ecstasy (101B)

    Feel free to give me your opinion about a good speaker with a Bogner XTC.
    I know Bogner sell cab with V30 in it. But V30 are heavy in the mids, XTC too,...
    Did you try G12H30, Classic Lead or the new Century Vintage with a Bogner? (or others)

    Any comment welcomed!


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    Re: Best speaker for a Bogner Ecstasy (101B)

    On mine, I've plugged it into the Bogner 4-12 Vintage 30's, Jubilee 4-12 with
    Vin 30's on top, G-75's on bottom, a stock Marshall 1960 G-75 cab, and a
    Mesa w/Black Shadows.

    Even tho I know what you're saying about the abundant mids, the Bogner cab sounds the best, then the Mesa, then my straight Jubilee cab, then the Bogner 2-12 large,
    then the 1960A. I love the sound so much as it is, I can't imagine buying other speakers, although my first try would be a crisscross of Vin 30's and G12H30's.
    I have to admit, tho, I'm 100% satisfied with the tone and versatility of the halfstack the way Reinholdt designed it. I'd love to try some expensive Alnico Blue's in my Chieftain, tho.
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