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where to find a vintage reissue bridge?

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  • where to find a vintage reissue bridge?

    i am looking for a vintage style bridge for a fender telecaster. I only need the 3 saddle bridge because i already have the brass saddles. I had ordered a fender vintage reissue bridge from MF but they are backordered and they seem to be pushed back farther every couple days, and i would like a thicker bridge than fender makes. only thing is, that it needs to have the same look as the vintage bridge with the sides, not cut out like the new callaham bridge. Anyone have any ideas?

    online dealer is prefered, because no one around me has one, even a fender.

    thanks guys
    Cleveland Guitars

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    Re: where to find a vintage reissue bridge?

    This guy makes the best vintage stuff on the market....and it's not outrageous. I just ordered saddles, trem arm, pickguard shield and some misc parts to upgrade my Highway 1 strat. I will probably end up getting the bridge plate and trem block later.

    Callaham Strat/Tele Parts
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