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I love fighting with my fender....

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  • I love fighting with my fender....

    Hi all,

    I really feel stupid saying this , but here it goes: "I love fighting with my fender strat." There that wasn't so bad.... Where is this coming from you ask? Well, today I decided to pull out the les paul from the closet. I polished it up and restrung it with EB 10's and it just played and sounded wonderful. It was so smooth and sustaining. Great right? Yeah...nothing like a les paul....Except...I don't quite know how to say it...I missed the fight that is in my fender strats. The strat is not as easy to play for me, so I find myself really digging in more. As a result, I find myself much more in tune with what I'm playing on it and I feel that I put more passion into my playing because of it. Does this make sense? Am I crazy? Is there a psych doc in the house? Or, does anyone else find this to be true as well?


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    Re: I love fighting with my fender....

    Your not crazy You just have Fender Fingers !!! Les Paul's
    play like butter. Where a Strat puts up a bit of a fight. When
    I play a Gibby I have to make ajustments, Or I tend to over play.
    It Changes my phrasing for better or worst?? My playing style
    Seems to gravitate toward Fender's. People who know me say
    I sound better playing a Squire Strat than I do playing a LP Custom??
    GO FIGURE ? ha ha
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      Re: I love fighting with my fender....

      That's why I love fender guitars! They're like a rugged pair of jeans!


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        Re: I love fighting with my fender....

        Thanks least I'm not the only one. lol...


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          Re: I love fighting with my fender....

          "The Strat is like a workhorse, you don't have to baby it," Lofgren
          says. "You can be gentle and subtle and when you're leaning into
          it a bit too hard, it doesn't cave early on you. It pushes back a bit. No
          other guitar I've played allows that."

          ..that's an excerpt from this article:
          Life's a journey, pack a lunch!.


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            Re: I love fighting with my fender....

            No truer words have spoken.


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              Re: I love fighting with my fender....

              I agree with the having to fight it thing.... however, i find that i love my les paul more than any strat i've played... but strats are super too, i just seem to change my playing style... i get more SRVish, really digging in to everything, putting power behind everything. I don't really think about it, it just happens.
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