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    Re: My Ever Growing Pedal Board

    Originally posted by Hawkman
    Nice collection of noisemakers Stratdeluxer! Reminds me of my board which is currently holding 12 pedals and 10 switchers. I too have a line buffer... the VHT valvulator tube buffer & power supply. Couldn't live without it! I always came from the Lew school of thought that I'd be sacrificing gobs of tone in my quest for building the worlds largest pedalboard. But, after the valvulator came along my sound is actually BETTER than when I plug directly into the amp. Converting the signal into low impedance does the trick! I'd recommend getting a line buffer to anyone in this forum who runs more than 3 effects before the amp (especially if they are not true bypass switching effects).
    I've seen that Valveulator unit and it's impressive....I come from a school like Lew's,but it's my own school just up the road from Lew's.... If it kills my tone in anyway,it's outta there!

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