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Who applied a MDF guitar? Sonic-pleasure possible?

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    Re: Who applied a MDF guitar? Sonic-pleasure possible?

    The guitar has arrived.

    The Neck with its fretboard comes in handy like a cup of cake it feels like a typical korean fretboard; i have touched some korean fretboards and i believe u can tell by the feel of a fretboard if its Korean xD but maybe someone else has a different oppinion...

    The fretboard is rosewood but blackend. I have no clue how they did that, must be something like laquer...
    Knocking the body is not uninviting and playing some chord without amplification makes clear
    The mdf rings loudly.

    The tonal quality of that is also not the worst. Its a bit warm-muffled like poplar with a more percussive tone thats less scooped than basswood, but its a bit scoooed. It has some treble. The percussive thing is more pronounced than its ambitions for an alder or maple top brightness in this guitar .. And like said, it does so quite loudly.
    But ill check it again soon, couldnt check it that much yet.

    Amplified, i was a bit surprised^^ i would call that experience maybe soprano-fuzz-bass ><
    I used a cheap amp for few seconds for that plus the potis are blocked and so the signal got cut a lot, could be that the pickups might sound normal through a normal amp.

    So first ill exchange the mechanics since one of them is broken and then ill sell it again because it was curiosity and gas that made me buy it. If i dont get it sold, ill keep it gladly. The playabilty is great and the black color tones look aesthetic on this guitar.

    By the way, the weight is very fair. Its less than schecter mahagony guitars or that old german mahagony guitar that i have. It has a typical strat weight and a sporty supertrat shape.

    Many Greetings!
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      Re: Who applied a MDF guitar? Sonic-pleasure possible?

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      Ha. that's an understatement.
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