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Gretsch wiring observation and questions

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  • Gretsch wiring observation and questions

    I have an Electromatic Jet. I removed the treble bleed from the master volume. I usually keep the individual volumes all the way on 10 and just the master volume to adjust the volume. The treble bleed may have been to strong when I had it and maybe I would have preferred one of the adjustable ones that I havenít installed so I could get a more subtle effect. I noticed that if I roll the tone control down half way it doesnít roll off the treble much but what I do notice is that with it at 50% it gives me a better taper for my master volume. It also seems to preserve the treble better with the tone at 50% when I roll down the master volume. It also affects the volume when rolling down the master volume just as if I had an LP with 50s wiring. But what is weird if I have the master volume rolled down the turn the tone pot to 100% itís noticeably more muffled and louder than if I had the tone pot rolled off and the master volume rolled down as well. I donít know why this is? Whatís good though is that with my time knob at 50% it doesnít really roll off much highs at all regardless of how I set my volume control. Iím thinking about switching the master volume pot to a 1 meg or removing the individual pickup volumes or wiring a switch to bypass them to see how my master volume and tone work without the individuals in the circuit. I know itíll brighten the guitar a tad and make it a little louder but just how different itíll be from how I have it will be interesting.

    Can anyone explain my observations regarding setting the tone control rolled off to get better treble retention and taper with the master volume?

    is Gretsch kinda 50s wiring in that the tone pot comes after the volumes? Itís similar to a Flying V I guess but with a master volume.

    And would changing the master volume to 1 meg make the taper, cleanup when rolling down the volume and sound/behavior similar to if I bypassed the individual volume pots?

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    Re: Gretsch wiring observation and questions

    All your answers should be here: