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NGD Ibanez RGIB6, a Baritone Beast!

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  • NGD Ibanez RGIB6, a Baritone Beast!

    I got myself an Ibanez RGIB6 Baritone a few days ago! It is 28" and I strung it to drop A. The original EMGs were swapped with a Seymour Duncan Trembucker Distortion at the bridge and Full Shred at the neck. It gives me brutal driven sounds for heavy chugs, and very nice ethereal clean sounds perfect for the ambient landscape. Surprisingly, it gives me quiet a number of tonal possibilities even with just one control, which is for volume. It has a cool kill switch too!

    I got this used. I wonder if it is somebody's here on the SD forum?
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    Re: NGD Ibanez RGIB6, a Baritone Beast!

    A beautiful beast.

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