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  • Filling routing boo boo

    Paging ICTGoober to the operating room,

    Hi again. So I bought the cheap Allen Eden hardtail body. Nice weight, paint is reasonable, routing is not great on the inside and on one spot on the platform where the neck bolts. For ~$100 I donít feel ripped off. It actually sounds pretty darn good.

    Hereís the issue, on the platform where the neck bolts to, as mentioned above just cries out to be fixed. For a case like this, could one mask the back of the body, set the body so the orientation is perfectly level, sand a touch and fill with clear CA? Itís not too far off... so Iíd think you might see a little variance if you look hard enough.. but it should feel right. Here the masking tape would be a dam to get the fill right then sanded square.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Filling routing boo boo

    Are you talking about that little runoff void where the body contour meets the neck? On the part of the neck that faces the floor when you are playing the instrument? On a $100 guitar??

    You can probably repair it the way you are thinking but I would leave it be.


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      Re: Filling routing boo boo

      Why bother? Time and effort invested would be more than the value of the guitar. For $100 Iíd buy another one that didnít have the problem.


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        Re: Filling routing boo boo

        Frankly, I can't see what defect we are supposed to be talking about.... Sorry.
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          Re: Filling routing boo boo

          Not worth it. It’s a cheap body, with a small oddity, in a place you don’t see unless you decide to, and a fix of that nature will only make it look worse.
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