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Harley Benton Fusion II?? Tell me about it!

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    Re: Harley Benton Fusion II?? Tell me about it!

    I ordered a DC Custom white (SG model), it came with a crack between neck and fretboard (or at least the binding) + very sloppy finish overall. They took it back and covered the shipping costs. Sent me a new one, and it's one of my favorite guitars now.

    Finish is a bit sloppy still, but the sound, acoustically, is really great, fretwork really good and I can get a low action. Really nice neck (14" radius) and the pups are acceptable. I like the bridge pup, not the best HB around but it has kind of a unique sound, very different from Duncans, so I might keep it. It sounds pretty bright but not thin, note separation is passable. I'll probably replace the neck HB with a '59, because the lows here are a little too muddy.

    I bought it at around 250€, but I see the price is dropped to 200€ now (exchange rate?). Mine was made in Vietnam. They used to be made in China.

    It's a bit of a hit and miss, I guess, but the ship you a new one for free (at least here in the EU) so there's not really much of a risk. Just don't expect a perfect finish.