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?Advice: Is Laney Pro-Tube 50 a good Metal Amp?

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  • ?Advice: Is Laney Pro-Tube 50 a good Metal Amp?

    Hi I saw a posting for :
    Laney Pro-Tube 50 amp head
    All tube amp head. 50 watts. Get that British Marshall sound without the big price tag! Effects loop. Rhythm and lead channels foot-switchable. Each EQ has a boost pull-pot. 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker impedance.
    $250 on

    Is anyone familiar with this amp? Can you let me know if it can give a good metal sound ( i.e. I can ditch my distortion pedals) I play things such as Velvet Revolver, Godsmack, Alice in Chains, some lighter fare too Weezer, Jet. You can get our setlist from Is the price right?

    I woudl hope that the clean channel is OK too but I figure I can just roll back the guitar volume.

    Any help is appreciated. I have gone to a few too many homes trying amps out blindly and finding it doesn't fit my needs. I want to avoid that.

    2001 MIA Strat Sunburst w/maple neck. Hot Rails (b), Vintage Rails (m), Cool Rails (n). 2003 MIA Deluxe Fat Strat Sunburst w/maple neck.

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    Re: ?Advice: Is Laney Pro-Tube 50 a good Metal Amp?


    If it's anything like the Pro Tube 100 I own (and am selling) then it's a great amp for heavier sounding rock and metal.

    It has a hell of a lot more gain than I ever use, and the push/pull EQ controls make it (imo) a very versatile amp.

    I'm selling my Pro Tube 100 as I find the Marshall sound fits my style better.



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      Re: ?Advice: Is Laney Pro-Tube 50 a good Metal Amp?

      It's been years since I played thru a Laney. It was a 50 watt 1X12
      combo,And yes it did have a great 80's metal tone to it.