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Help I.D. an Ibanez please

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  • Help I.D. an Ibanez please

    Just got a new old guitar - its an Ibanez that I believe was made in the USA.
    The neck plate says 7101 Case Ave. North Hollywood, Ca. 91605 USA (I'd call that a clue). Anyway the body shape is like that of the Satriani model, its black with black hardware, the neck P/u says IBZUSAF1, the middle IBZUSAC3, and the bridge someone replaced with a SD JB (unfortunately they didn't use a trembucker so it doesn't line up correctly with the Floyd Rose - which by the way does not have the whale tale and does have the rounded corners - I saw someone mention that on the trading post for what its worth). I am going to replace the bridge pup with a dimebucker. Anyway the neck says custom made inlaid on the 21st fret. Serial number is F 151530 - any help would be appreciated............ Thanks.

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    Re: Help I.D. an Ibanez please

    look anything like the ones on this post:

    Those are great guitars if you managed to get your hands on one, try to get a picture and send it my way if you could and I'll try to help.


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      Re: Help I.D. an Ibanez please

      The serial # that starts with an F shows that it was made in Japan. The "custom made" inlay, is more marketing than anything - a LOT of Ibanez mass production guitars were inlayed with "custom made"

      A serial # of F1xxxx would mean that it was made in 1991, afaik
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        Re: Help I.D. an Ibanez please

        Thanks guys, new I'd get the help I needed here!!!