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  • Tech 21 Power Engine 60...

    It doesn't have a pre-amp. It's supposed to be "transparent" and let the tone of whatever pre-amp effects/multi-effects unit you have shine through.

    I like the sound of that.

    Have any of you guys had good/bad experiences with the Power Engine 60 or any other Tech 21 products?

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    Re: Tech 21 Power Engine 60...

    i've been wondering about these for awhile too. i think i may get 1 of these for my modeling amps which is kinda the same thing as a power engine
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      Re: Tech 21 Power Engine 60...

      Originally posted by Ez74
      i think i may get 1 of these for my modeling amps

      I've heard about the Atomic, but have never actually read any articles or heard any user opinions. I'll definantly have to check it out though...


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        Re: Tech 21 Power Engine 60...

        That Atomic Reactor looks pretty cool for a POD owner...but the little pocket thing wouldn't accomodate any much bigger than the POD...$499.00 is a bit much too!

        The Power Engine will add 60watts of tranparent power to any preamp...if you need more power, you can chain as many Power Engines together as you want & still not affect your original tone... individual level control, 3-band active tone controls, and balanced XLR input, 1/4" input and balanced XLR output.

        They can also be used with any direct recording device or acoustic pre-amp, analog or digital, tube or solid state, in stomp box or rackmount formats, from any manufacturer...not just Tech21, although a Tri-AC thru a Power Engine would be pretty bada$$.

        For $250.0 +/-, they are pretty sweet! For the same amount of money as the Atomic Reactor, you could get 2 Power Engines & add 60watts in stereo/120w mono
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