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Boss CE-20 what do you think?

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  • Boss CE-20 what do you think?

    Just wondering if anyone used one and what you thought of it.
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    Re: Boss CE-20 what do you think?

    I've got the EQ-20 & it is very nice. I've been thinking about getting a chorus pedal for my board for when I take my stuff out of the house. Right now I have a rackmounted effects module that I use at home....sometimes I just like to take the pedal board with my OD, EQ & amp footswitch out....That CE-20 looks pretty nice for a good array of chorus sounds. It's a little pricey...I got my EQ-20 when MARS went out of business...EQ-20 & Mesa-Boogie Bottle Rocket for $200.00 !!!

    Anyway, it's well made & seems to be pretty versatile. I haven't tried one out, but if it's anything like the EQ, it's worth it!

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