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Opening up my amp

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    Re: Opening up my amp

    Originally posted by Kent S.
    Look, like Lew, Bruce, amd MRID said (you too Ryan ), just do what they said, one ... Solid state amps do not use the as high voltages as tubes ...
    second ... unplug the amp from the wall while strumming a chord drains everything to almost nothing,
    three ... any remaining voltage is nill anyway, just as a good safety practice in general don't touch, and steer clear of the big capacitors, and thier leads.
    if you are super safety concerned, then check the caps with a Meter set to read high DC voltage , then check it a lower and lower voltage ranges ...if it's an auto ranging meter you are good to go period.
    I do this all the time with my SS stuff, sometimes I don't even discharge them (I'm very used to my stuff, I don't recommend this procedure though), you should be just fine ... also use the one hand rule ... that means stick one hand in your back pocket or waistband at your back and keep it there, probe around with your other hand, if you're looking for loose componenets a wooden chopstick is great as a mechanical probing tool. If you have to turn the chassis up side down (to unlodge som loose part), then grip it away from the caps, normally grabbed near the front controls is safe. It's not that big of a deal, do the affore mentioned steps, and everything will be fine. It's probably a loose nut or screw.
    Thanks man, I really apreciate it!