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    Re: Your main playing

    nice axes fellas.... here is my yamaha that i play the most lately
    '05 Gibson SG Standard
    '07 Gibson Sg Standard Emg 81/85
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    '92 Fender MIA Telecaster
    82 Usa Epiphone Spirit w/ Dirtyfingers


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      Re: Your main playing

      I'd show you guys my crappy stock Strat but I don't know how to post pictures
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        Re: Your main playing

        SAme well wqith a hotrial but i dunno hwo to post pics
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          Re: Your main playing

          I'm jealous ;o


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            Re: Your main playing

            You guys really all do have great stuff. My Gibson LP Std. really can't compete all that much, but it does have mojo... definitely need to get pics of it

            Alas, Chip's frankenstrat puts chills down my spine. That's basically what I'd want my custom axe to look like if I could make it. Love that orange!
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              Re: Your main playing

              Here's the Schecter:

              I'll get the Tele and the G&L up sometime soon.


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                Re: Your main playing

                That's better. My Epi Limited w Phat Cat P90s

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                  Re: Your main playing

                  Originally posted by DeadSkinSlayer3
                  Jeff, What is the model of that Yamaha? It looks friggen badass.....hows the trem on it? Looks like a really crazt floyd copy.
                  That's the Yamaha SE620. Hasn't been made in years. I recently saw one at an online seller for around $300. I almost bought it just to have spare parts for the bridge. The bridge is damn heavy, and really adds a nice solid tone. The threads for the trem arm are stripped, so I just have it blocked. It's one of the best sounding strats I've ever had. I refinshed it myself from a nasty black sparkle finish.

                  Here's a pic of the other one I found...close to mine.

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                    Re: Your main playing

                    (Gigging - Singles)

                    '79 Strat (called "Brownie"), Bill Lawrence Stacked rails pup in the bridge position:

                    '98 EC Strat (Called"EC") - you know the specs:

                    '82 (JV-Jap Vintage) of a '57 Re-issue (called "Blackie") - Fralin pups with volume blend (courtesy of Lewguitar):

                    (Gigging - Hummers)

                    '03 Hamer Studio Custom - '59 burst, with '59 SD pups:

                    '96 Hamer Artist Studio Custom - Honey burst finish, SD Seth Lover pups:

                    '98 Tokai Love Rock - My main LP guitar that I use:

                    The others I take out occasionally, however don't ask me about my basses!!
                    Normans Guitars