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  • V-Twin Questions

    It's been a while since I have messed with one of these and I am interested in buying one because I know the tone is killer and I need some versatility for a live setup

    I like my Tube Factor but I'd like to switch from a medium crunch rythm to a big crunch solo, then clean rythm too. I just use my guitar volume now, but that takes some life from the crunch rythm aspect on certain tunes, where I want full bore at different volumes. I also have to comprimise clean tone this way.

    Can you go from blues crunch to big crunch, and boost the volume at the same time? Is the volume boost adjustable? Is it enough for cutting the mix in a loud band, with an obnoxious drummer? I have read the specs, but I'd like to hear from people who have used it in the real world.

    Any V-Twin comments in general?
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    Re: V-Twin Questions

    I believe Zerbeus is the proud owner of a V-Twin.. im sure he'll respond to this thread


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      Re: V-Twin Questions

      I love those V-twin cleans!