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Would Anyone Finish A Bass Body For Me?

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  • Would Anyone Finish A Bass Body For Me?

    I would want it finished in a nice simple black, or else a translucent black. I would pay for it of course, the condition being that it has to be substantially cheaper than Warmoth or any other such companies. I could also pay in gear... Any takers?
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    Re: Would Anyone Finish A Bass Body For Me?

    I'd do it. drop me a line if you're up to it.
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      Re: Would Anyone Finish A Bass Body For Me?

      beandip - i am gonna eventually get my guitar body re-finished, basically the paint started to wear away under my arm, i decided to sand it a bit, i dropped it a few times, that area looks all relic'd, but i am not going for the relic'd look. it would need to be completely sanded, a few parts smoothed out, maybe even use some wood fill (???) or somsething to fill in a small dent or two, than painted (either the original black metallic or something i come up with, solid color) and finished

      how much does that run?
      how much would a company charge?
      where else can i get it done cheaper?
      what do i need to do it myself/howhard/costs/time?
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