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Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

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  • Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

    I originally found theses pedals in the Musicians Friend catalog. Sound clips sound great. The route 66 and Jekyll and Hyde both have the same circuit as the ts808 (jrc4558 op amp), and they also received some good reviews from harmony central. And for the price of $129.00, compared to the more expensive pedals, sounds like a great deal. But I also know the old saying, "you get what you paid for" and I just want to try to purchase the best, no matter what the cost. I currrently have a ts-9 (it sounds too fuzzy) and I might try to have it modified by Keeley instead. Undecided, what to do? One things for sure, I just want a nice clean OD.

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    Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

    I use a Route 66. It's a great pedal. The overdrive side is a TS808 clone, and the bass boost switch comes in handy. Definately not a fizzy sounding OD.

    I mostly use the compressor side as a clean boost, set the Sustain knob real low or off, adjust the Tone control so it sounds as close to teh bypass sound as possible, then crank the Gain knob up. Works great! Sometimes add a touch of compression, mostly not. The only thing, I can't get the tone to be exactly like the bypass tone, but it's pretty darn close. The newest version of this pedal has a tone defeat switch that I wish I had.

    I'll post a clip in the clips section of the OD side.


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      Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

      Here's the link to the Clips section post I just put up with the Route 66 clip.

      VS makes some great pedals, I'd buy another.


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        Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

        Reverend carries these for $10 less, although some aren't in stock:Reverend
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          Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

          I use the H2O, its absolutely awesome, but i've not tried the other two.
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            Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

            I use both the Route 66 and the H2O echo/chorus pedals. They are built like tanks, and have nice, analog sound to them.

            PedalTweaker just returned a modded TS-7 to me, and it sounds almost exactly like the Route 66 with the bass boost engaged. Given that John has been modding TS-5's and TS-9's to sound just like the original TS-808, this tells me that the Route 66 overdrive is right on target.

            Best of all, Bob - the guy who runs Visual Sounds - is really accessible and stands behind his products. I had a bad noise problem on the compression side of my Route 66. He asked me to send him the pedal and my One Spot power supply (also his product) to him. Turned out the problem was a bad interaction between the power supply and the pedal. He fixed the One Spot and sent back the pedal almost overnight at no charge. BTW this was way past the warranty expiration.

            Guess that's more than 2 cents...

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              Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

              If you get one of their pedals, you really ought to get a One Spot from them as well. In fact, they should include one in my opinion.

              I had a Liquid H20 and it was noisey as heck using a Boss adapter. I got a One Spot and it helped immensely.

              When I was at the Dallas guitar show last weekend, I picked up a few adapters from Naylor at Reverend. I got two of the Line 6 pigtail adapters for the One Spot and two of the little 1/8" miniplug pigtails for same.

              Now, unless I'm using that bastehd 18v EH Holier Grail, I've only got one power line running across the floor. I've even been thinking of getting rid of the Holier Grail in favor of a Holy Grail since it appears that the smaller one uses a modern 9volt adapter instead of that stupid 18v one. What a pain!


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                Re: Anybody out there have the Visual Sound pedals?

                I had a Visual Sounds Route 66 pedal that I loved, but it was just too noisy for me with the comp and 808 engaged simultaneously. If they can somehow fix the noise issue, they'd be amazing pedals. As it stands now, they're just "excellent."