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Schaller Rolling 4-way Adjustable Bridge

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  • Schaller Rolling 4-way Adjustable Bridge

    I used to look at these things with a very skeptical eye. But, I ended up with one on my Heritage 535 that has the Bigsby. First of all, having the roller is an obvious no-brainer when using a trem. String moves easily back and forth. No problem.

    Then there's the bigsby itself. The small pegs that hold the string ends in place are preset and locked in place. The small roller on the bridge actually is on a threaded axis that allows you to adjust the string position in terms of things like how close are strings one and six in relation to the edge of the neck, or if you want to fine tune the strings to be *exactly* over the pole pieces, or if you want to allow for a very precise gap between strings.

    Overall, the strings leave the bigsby, then very slightly fan out over the bridge and then obviously fan back in towards the nut. It's an interesting arrangement for sure. But it seems to work well.

    Just thought I'd comment. People seem to really dislike it for some reason (non-traditional perhaps?).

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    Re: Schaller Rolling 4-way Adjustable Bridge

    Thanks for those comments Scott. I can't stop thinking about a regular stop-tail 535 that I played a month or so ago... if another month goes by and business improves a bit I'm gonna' give in to G.A.S. and buy it.

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      Re: Schaller Rolling 4-way Adjustable Bridge

      The bigsby has taken me a while to figure out in terms of tuning and such. It really requires a lot of stretching and a it of attention to the nut when I first got it.

      I really like this guitar.... a lot. That roller bridge makes it a breeze to set up the guitar. I thought it was going to make things more difficult. But you just put the strings right over the pole pieces of the neck pup and it's very well set on mine.

      If you order one new, you can order Duncans in it. Mine had these POS Schallers in it. Seth Lovers is what this guitar *has* to have.

      "You can't save everybody, everybody don't wanna be saved."