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    I need a few opinions here. At the moment I'm really torn between buying a Gibson Les Paul Classic or Standard, or, purchasing a digital recorder. I already have a PA rack with a good Behringer 1604 mixer, Peavey CS800 amp, Lexicon effects processor, an EQ, Yamaha Club series speakers, and that's great for a small venue gig (should I actually ever realize my dream of performing biological clock is ticking at 46 yrs. A buddy of mine that I jam with recently purchased a Fostex MR-8 recorder that he's finding difficult to use for any extended recordings due to the storage capacity of the single 128MB media card that came with the unit. Myself, if I was to buy a recorder I'd want something that has 20-40 GB's of hardrive and records at least 8 tracks at once.
    I've researched the MR-8's bigger brothers, the VF80 and 160 which can be bought with a CD burner built-in, which I feel is the only way to go for me as I don't have a desire to buy or build another pc to dedicate solely to recording at this time. I just want the ability to produce music on a disc so I can play it back and hear what I sound like, using it also as a tool to hone my skills. I could always use a music-editing software program to do more work with my music on my computer after I had a disc burned.
    About buying a Les Paul, well, I still have my Epi LP Standard which I still enjoy playing a lot, plus the Schecter C-1 and 60's Strat all give me some pretty decent variety. So unless a really rippin' deal comes along on a Gibby that I just can't refuse, I COULD probably get by for awhile longer with the axes I already have for the time being.
    At this moment I have a strong desire to record. All of you guys who's posted some clips have me feeling pretty envious, and I'd like some opinions from all of you once in a while on my musical ability, but obviously I can't do it w/o a recorder.
    What would you do in my place?

    Thanks for any replies.
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      sorry, but I gotta bump this again.
      I'd really appreciate some input on this one guys.


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        Originally posted by midnite_man
        sorry, but I gotta bump this again.
        I'd really appreciate some input on this one guys.
        Bob..Since you seem to be pretty content with the variety of guitars you have and your amps,maybe going the recording route is a good thing..You've already expressed a desire to record so I say go in that direction buddy...It has to be digital though right? I'm old fashioned as you know Bob,and I still love my Tascam 488 MK2...This was and still is,one of the best analog cassette 8 trackers ever made...Well,at least in my mind it is!

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          I have gone to using my PC again mostly but I have the Tascam Porta 788 which I think is fantastic. I really can't recommend any of the units that use the memory card they'll drive you nuts with the small capacity.

          I liked the Fostex unit but at the time I got the 788 it was a better deal. I think Robert S has a Fostex 16 track that he likes quite a bit.

          You can score 788s new for about 699 with a burner 599 w/o.

          I was considering selling mine since it is rarely being used, if you're interested let me know.
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