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Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

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    Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

    I wouldn't drag the dog-issue into it as you'd only escalate the problem into a pissin-match with your neighbor. If the dogs are a problem, politely inform him of your concern. You can be fined for disturbing the peace, but usually that comes after a warning. If you make your neighbor mad enough he'll probably call your local's finest and then you'll be dealing with the law, AND, probably your landlord.
    The POD 2.x and headphone scenario tha Robert suggested is an excellent possible solution, or, a small practice amp. I know when I play my Fender DRRI at 3 it's fairly loud in my house, and that's only 22 watts.
    Why not try talking to him about what times of the day/week might be better for both of you so as not to get on each other's nerves, and if his dogs are buggin' you at all, it would be a good opportunity to bring that issue up as well. The sooner you get it all ironed out, the better. Don't let animousity build up between you two.
    Just some friendly advice.
    Good luck!


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      Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

      Originally posted by Guitarsmasher911
      My band was practicing in my friends garage once.....we had the door open cause it was so hot that day. We started noticing something strange on the street. We saw a cop car go by....then another......then one comes back the other way again...then the other follows. Then 5 min later they pull in the drive...and tell us to stop playing when it was 1:00 P.M. We stopped playing that week we play again, but with the door shut. This old guy comes over and starts banging on the door like crazy and starts cussing us out. Tells us to stop all of our racket(Music) that we are making or he will have us arrested. 5 min later we see the cops again...going back and forth across the street. We call the cops and wanted to talk about what the laws are for this situation. They came and told us it is under Disturbing the matter what time of day it is. The other neighbors loved to hear us play..that is the funny thing. So the moral of the story is....if you are playing loud music and neighbors can hear it ....and it bothers them. It is disturbing the peace...and sadly it is a law. I guess i will stop playing my 5150 half-stack in my room now.......

      Does this mean I can call the cops for noise complaints every time my neighbor mows his lawn? Or starts up his harley? Or when the town has fireworks at 10PM and i have to get up for work the next morning? Or when the neighbors brat kids are outside playing/screaming in the yard? Why does it seem like music is the only type of noise pollution people feel compelled to stop?

      All the suggestions to use a practice amp work for this particular situation but clearly this is not an option for all musicians - tuba players, drummers etc. (yeah i know its a stretch to lump in drummers with actual musicians but I think you get the point).

      Turn it up loud and when the cops just dont let em in. If they kick down the door you can always say "sorry, didnt hear you knock the music was too loud!!!!!"


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        Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

        I've dealt with neighbors and cops for as long as I can remember, regarding
        noise issues. It's one of the biggest obstacles for practicing or starting a band. Like most have said, it's best to work out an agreement with neighbors,
        but sometimes there's nothing you can do but pay for a proper rehearsal space. Either that, or have two separate for loud rehearsal, one for
        low volume practice. At home, I use the Vox Valvetronix 60W head and
        a Bogner 2-12 cab. The selectable wattage, down to 6W, and the headphone out, is the only rig I can use to avoid noise problems.
        Luckily, that rig sounds good, so I don't feel like I'm making a huge sacrifice.

        Most laws state that pro audio sound equipment, including a guitar amp,
        falls into the category of industrial zoning. That means, anything loud enough
        to garner a complaint, needs to be used in an area zoned for industrial use.
        It's sucks, especially today, since I'm collecting rent money from band members and co-renters, to pay for my $500 mo. lockout.

        Gone are the days of cops sticking a billy club throught my garage door,
        one neighbor cutting my phone line, and another neighbor that actually threw
        a coconut through my truck's back window! That was back in the day's of
        rehearsing at a bandmember's guesthouse.
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        Originally posted by Boogie Bill
        I've got 60 guitars...but 49 trumpets is just...INSANITY! WTF!


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          Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

          (sorry this sint really to do with the thread)

          woooah, just looked at gearjoneser 's gear website, i am so jelous! man you have such a collection, its not the amount you have that amazes me, but the pure quality of every single piece. wow......


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            Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

            Hey thanks a lot for the compliment. I pretty much own that stuff as a result of constantly trading and selling upward. The more I did it, the more picky
            I became. Now, it's to the point where I just choose my least favorite piece
            of gear, sell it, add a bit of money to it, and buy another exquisite piece at another seller's loss. If you always repeat that pattern, you start ending up with the things you really want. The only pieces not photographed yet
            are my G&L Asat Z-3 and Vox Valvetronix AD60 head.
            Originally posted by Boogie Bill
            I've got 60 guitars...but 49 trumpets is just...INSANITY! WTF!


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              Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

              I know what you are talking about...I had the same problem so I got an extra 2 15" cabs connected with an extra 120/120 amp and blow up the walls and the FXXX ears until they bleed, then the neighbor came and bagged me to go down with the level to the first level I was playing (which was cool by me )
              Taught that MXXX FXXXX a lesson that's for sure :fing25:


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                Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

                I live in a one bedroom apartment and I jam with my buddies on Friday and Saturday nights till about 3AM. Luckily, my apartment has sealed walls because of the asbestos contained therein. You could set a bomb off in my place and no one would know 'cept for the smoke. Good thing too, 'cause "my amp goes to eleven..."

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                  Re: Do we have "legal" rights to practice instruments?

                  if you want cheap sound proof use cork on the wall
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