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Epiphone Slasher?

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  • Epiphone Slasher?

    I think I'm gassing for a Gibson RD shaped guitar (kinda like a modern firebird), and I saw this Epiphone Slasher in an old catalogue. It looks awesome with the light blue finish and has even got a string through design. Thing that bugs me is that it's an E series Epiphone made from 'solid tone wood'. Is that french for plywood? So I don't think I'll get this one, but isn't there some other company who makes this shape guitar from better woods?
    Warmoth or USAcustom guitars will eventually cost me around 1000 to get it completely finished with neck and all?

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    Re: Epiphone Slasher?

    yeah dont get the slasher. its crap. friend had one and the neck is total crap and the frets are all like crappy. i dont know of anyother companys besides gibson and warmtoh though. sorry.
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      Re: Epiphone Slasher?

      yes, and its about the worst plywood as well....
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        Re: Epiphone Slasher?

        Yeah those are all reasons why I'll definately not getting the Slasher but it looks so damn nice! I checked Warmoth but they charge a standart price of 350 for a custom shaped body. The firebird body they have just isn't the same.
        Anyone else?