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Les Paul experts. How good are L.P. Studio's?

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    Re: Les Paul experts. How good are L.P. Studio's?

    My #1 is a Les Paul Studio, and I love it. I played it against several others, both studios and standards, and liked this one the best (hence, its now mine). In terms of feel, sound, etc, I really wasn't finding any substantial differences between studios and standards (mind you, this was 2001, before standards got their Burstbucker Pro upgrade). I'm a fan of binding, and I love some of the tops they have on standards, but I didn't really think it was worth the extra money. I was never a big fan of the stock pickups to begin with, but that was a constant in the testing...simply replaced them with some Duncans.


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      Re: Les Paul experts. How good are L.P. Studio's?

      Originally posted by strat_master
      Are't the necks on LP studios the same as the older LP standards? ( say 2000?) 59 rounded profile? I love those guitars soo much. how about the 50 fat neck? I agree i realy like the studio too mike i played a balck one the same thing as your loved it...but the standards do feel better to me, and im still torn.

      What's the difference between the 59 rounded and the 50's fat?


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        Re: Les Paul experts. How good are L.P. Studio's?

        Originally posted by Gearjoneser
        I've owned quite a few LP's and would say that none of them are setup properly from the factory. They, and Martin, do this to ensure that a tech can set it up without the nut being too low to start with. For this reason, any LP you pickup will vary in it's feel.
        If you're looking to buy a new Studio, you'd be better off buying a used Standard.
        If you were looking to buy a new Epiphone, you'd be better off buying a used Studio.
        That's how I see it, cause you get what you pay for every step of the way.

        The way they play rarely has to do with the model. All Gibsons that are perfect from the factory can be setup to play like just have to do it yourself, because they don't. Half the time, I cringe when I pick up a Gibson or Martin at the store, but only because I know that a good setup will make it play just as good as any Jackson,
        Ibanez, or Taylor.
        Seconded.. all of my instruments are used besides my agile LP.. IMO it gets everything broken in and feels right.. just something about a used instrument, i like better than used.. plus i dont feel as guilty when the used instrument gets beat up

        AND when your done with it and its in good shape.. you can sell it for more or equal the value you got it for, pending on where you sell.