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    Hello, i am new here... I own a Charvel guitar, and i havnt got the cash to buy me a good amp yet right now im running on a V-amp 2 and a Gibson amp i dont kno how old it is... and i was wondering if any of you guys had a v-amp 2 and new some good presets?? thanks.

    -Cobalt blue Charvel
    -Seymour duncan live wire heavy metal humbuckers
    -Gibson amp( model unknown its too old)
    -Behringer V-amp 2

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    Re: v-amp 2

    on my v amp2 i use the custom hi gain setting and the ultimate plus for most rocky twin is good for clean....presets wise a25 is cool (if weird)...c8 is good fun as well...the wah sounds great at about 4/5 on the effects knob...if ur feelin silly the 21-25 presets are all good for a laugh! best idea is to find an amp model u like then muck about with all the other stuff like cabs reverb etc.
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    Behringer V-Amp 2
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