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Compared a marshall 1960AX to my ENGL vintage30 cab today...

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  • Compared a marshall 1960AX to my ENGL vintage30 cab today...

    So my friend has asked me to mind his DSL 100watt half stack for a couple of weeks, which looks very but im not a big fan of these amps so until today i hadnt turned it on once in the two weeks ive had it. But a guitar friend came round today and saw it and convinced me to turn it on and give him a bash. So he did, and its cleans sounded pretty nice and its crunch was good but nothing mind blowing by any stretch. Anyway i took this opportunity to do a quick comparison between my ENGL vintage slant 412 and his marshall greenback loaded AX quad, with the marshall going through them.

    At first the marshall sounded pretty chunky and all....until i plugged the ENGL in. The ENGL sounded much more solid and tight and in your face and chunky, and then when we plugged it back into the marshall it sounded weaker and not as meaty.
    The ENGL is actually a much heavier cab, which may have something to do with it.

    So yeah, in my opinion the ENGL cab sounded a fair bit better, although the cleans mighthave been nicer on the marshall i cant remember them properly we didnt mess around with them that much on the ENGL.

    So yeah, theres something for anyone interested


    Then just to go off the topic i plugged my ENGL Savage back into its quad and fired that up to see how it was sounding, and the cleans didnt sound too bad and the high gain channel was smokin and sounded pretty darn good! Then it made a big splat/popping noise and started hissing after being on for a while before turning it off and slapping it around

    It'll be fixed up properly one day
    My Soundclick page.