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mesa triple recto "quickie" review

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  • mesa triple recto "quickie" review

    mesa triple recto "quickie" review: let me describe the tones from the triple rec 3 channel version. I just saw this band "Grizwald" play, they have an incubus sound. The distortion was great: thick with harmonics and overtones. Distortion was very articulate - every guitar strum was heard. the wet sounds were really good - had a phaser or sound along with cleans. All out cleans were a little distorted, maybe they could have been dialed in better. Fortunately, triple recs have all that headroom so that breakup does not occur so quickly. Transitioned great between wet cleans and distortion (no pedal dancing), due to the fancy effects loop that mesa provides. Solos ripped - had great tones there too.

    Both guitarists played out of triple rectifier (new 3 channel versions) and mesa cabs. One was using a fender with single coils, the other guitarist used a mahogany guitar (looked like a fernandez) with humbucklers. The humbuckler guitar player also had about 7 pedals. I cant tell you much more as I did not get any better closeups. The band did not have any backup amps nearby, the crowd was about 500. By no means were the guitar sounds overpowering - the bassist could easily be heard.

    Anyone else have comments on the triple rectifier amp?