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Want to build another guitar - throw your ideas around

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    Re: Want to build another guitar - throw your ideas around

    Thanks Chip - I registered with the MIMF, was going to post but it's read-only on weekends. Didn't look around much, but I will do. A chambered solidbody wouldn't be very difficult at all with a body with a cap. With my tele (which has a split down the middle, so imagine 2 thin guitar shapes on top of each other glued together) I actually put in some small chambers because I was concerned with weight. I went easy because I was worried it have an adverse effect on the tone/sustain. Basically just matched the control cavity space to the other side to make it symmetrical. With a hardwood, big chambers on either side is no deal at all, just have to measure up for depth. No different from routing a control cavity, except you do it from the insdie out.There are pics in The Telecaster Book of the inside of the f-shole teles done the same way.

    I'm really curious about the sound difference between big chamber (liek the rickenbacker) vs 2 side chambers (like semisolid tele or warmoth), vs zillions of small chambers (like chambered warmoth)

    I didn't have any tools when I made my guitar, really, besides a sander, files etc, jigsaw and bench drill frame thing for mounting a regular electric drill in. Borrowed a router and learned how to use it, and got a woodworker to cut the rough body shape out of the slab of wood with a bandsaw (did a great job). My dad helped me a lot. The hardest part, really, is making the templates for the neck pocket and pups and getting them right, and measuring stuff up like putting the bridge in the right spot.
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