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  • Warmoth Bass Question

    I'm really gassing right now for a Gecko bass neck. There are some cool all wenge 5 string small size necks, and I would love to pick one up. Thing is, I don't like the Gecko body shape. What I wanted was the P bass 5 string bass guitar body, routed for the Gecko neck. Of course, Warmoth won't do this (do they do any custom options? ).

    So I'm wondering whether it would be easy enough to do it myself? The only real big problem is the scale length. Gecko necks are 35" scale whilst the 5 string bodies are 34" scale. I would buy the body used, so it's already got the bridge routing in place.

    The gecko neck is 24 frets and 35" scale, so do you think that if I had it high enough (like if the end of the 24th fret was where the end of the 21st fret usually is on standard Fenders) I could manage to get the bass to have the proper 35" scale length?

    Or should I just give up? (or go to some other company to get the body in the right scale length)
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    Re: Warmoth Bass Question

    I asked pretty much this same question not too long ago. I'll bring up my thread for you.
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