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Samick salesmen?

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    Re: Samick salesmen?

    I had a Sammick accoustic, its actually what I learned to play on. It really wasnt that bad of a guitar at all, great sound, the neck on it was beautifull aswell. Samick in my opinions arent really that bad. Ofcourse they arent going to compare to a $4000+ Gibson, but not many newer players are willing to wait till they have $4000 to upgrade from their Fender Squires or Yamaha Pacifica's.
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      Re: Samick salesmen?

      I think you nailed it, Panzer. The experienced player with the $$ isn't going into a shop looking for a Samick( usually they're not, anyway ), but...for beginners, folks on a tight budget, etc...they're ok. I think thats partly why the market is so saturated with them.
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        Re: Samick salesmen?

        Originally posted by JOLLY
        I haven't bought an Epiphone in years.
        Ah, sorry, My bad
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          Re: Samick salesmen?

          Cheap guitars sound cheap, but with a bit of tweaking, they can be pretty comparable to their USA counterparts... y'know replace the tuners, the frets, the hardware, and the electronics, and you've got yourself somthing pretty cool... of course then all you're paying for is a guitar shaped chunk of wood and a lot of new parts. Of course, i've also played my fair share of crappy USA guitars too that would be put to shame by an Epiphone.
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