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Amp tech in Boston?

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    Re: Amp tech in Boston?

    Originally posted by sooperunkn
    I just got my Les Paul worked on by Mr. C's in Marlborough (by Chris). I got the Jimmy Page wiring put in as well as 2 new Duncan pups (Jazz neck, C5 bridge). The work is good and the prices are very fair, but...... he is a bit of a spaz! The parts took forever on mine (gold covers were out of stock). So when they finally came in I think he rushed it because he felt bad I waited so long and he FORGOT to ground the pups. I dropped it back off and he had it ready the next day. Overall, he did very good work and is highly regarded around the area.

    Spaz is right. I ordered a ABR replacement bridge thru him for my Les Paul Classic and Chris talked me into ordering a different one (I think it was Gotoh) which he insisted would fit on my existing posts. Anyway, once I got the bridge the post holes were like 1.5 mm too big. So I drove there on my lunch break to order it, then to pick it up, then to return it. That was the last trip I have made there. In a back-handed way he did me a favor though, because after doing more research I bought the Tone Pros AVR-II and I couldn't be happier.

    Anyway, go see Jim Mouradian. He is on the 3rd floor above Cambridge Music in Porter Sq. He is the man.
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      Re: Amp tech in Boston?

      Originally posted by mr breaker
      Do you guys know of any good places to have guitar work done in boston? The only place I know of is Mr Music in allston, and I am not impressed with their work.

      I just need to get some pups installed.

      I got my pups put in at Daddy's Junky Music on Mass Ave. across the street from Berkelee. If I remember correctly, they only charged about $30.