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$300 to burn....

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    Re: $300 to burn....

    Originally posted by heavydutysg135
    College is not such a crazy place. I have had my gibson SG standard in the dorms all year with no problems. Just keep your guitar in your case to prevent damage and put it under your bed or lock it in your closet if you are afraid of it getting stolen. I have not heard of anything getting ripped off all year. I would reccomend using the 300 to buy a pod for practicing at low volumes. I think that this is the real problem that you will encounter. Just my 2 cents.
    yeah but i want something i can not have to be real careful with. and if i get bored i can do whatever kinda wacky mods i feel like on it. ill probably eventually bring the explorer, but i want something to mess around with
    Originally posted by Aceman
    It was the age of suave. Men were men, and women were smacked and thrown on the bed and loved it.