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Recording amp with SM57 and Condenser

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  • Recording amp with SM57 and Condenser

    Ok I just bought myself a Rode NT1-A...
    How does the mic placement work if I want to close mic my amp with the SM57 and then use the condenser to pick up the ambient stuff?

    I'm placing the condenser about 3 or 4 metres from the amp - but should I place it such that the speaker is pointing at it? Or should I raise it higher so that its not an axis with the speaker?


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    Re: Recording amp with SM57 and Condenser

    Kinda depends on the room, and what type of ambience yer after. I'd just experiment with the mic at different points in the room. Sounds like you're off to a good start, now just play around with the mic placement a little
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      Re: Recording amp with SM57 and Condenser

      Generally, you can place the room mic about 3 feet away from the cab pointing away from the cab, or you can place it about 5' from the floor, 6' away, pointed towards the cabinet.
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        Re: Recording amp with SM57 and Condenser

        I am always messing with position as you can get very cool sounds just by moving it around. I tend to use the 57 a bit off center of the cone and then get a bit of room vibe by having the other mic 3 to 5 feet back centered right on the middle of the cab between the speakers. I personally am drawn to close mic sounds so I very rarely go way back in the room with guitar. For drums I am all about the room vibe and like the distance much better than close up.


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          Re: Recording amp with SM57 and Condenser

          I'm not sure about how much this is going to be an issue, but if you've got the ability to flip the phase of one of your mic channels, you may want to try it - sometimes, when multiple mics are being used (especially when they're facing different directions and stuff like that), there will be some phase cancellation that will give you kind of a phantom "hollow" sound. LIke I said, not sure if you'll run into this, but what can you lose by flipping a switch and flipping it back again if nothing happens?