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  • U.S. Masters Guitars

    Anybody out there have experience with these?

    There are a couple of pretty interesting features and I was wondering if any of y'all ever played one.


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    Re: U.S. Masters Guitars

    I've never heard of these guys before; they don't look like they're handmade, tho; the literature is deliberately vague about such things:

    "U.S. Masters guitars and basses are completely made in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA..." but they're probably still production guitars. And they appear to be factory direct, which means: unless you live close to the factory or happen to come across a used one, you have to purchase them sight-unseen.

    They might be great guitars, or maybe not. I didn't see anything particularily noteworthy here, and nothing that fits my taste in guitars, anyway.

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      Re: U.S. Masters Guitars

      Nice looking guitars but a bit pricey for buying without playing first. I'd never heard of them before either.

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