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    Re: Bad Cat Trem Cat Arrives...

    Originally posted by Gearjoneser
    Scott, did you just pick up that Line 6 Delay? It's amazing how good some of those patches sound. That stompbox in front of a great amp like the Badcat sounds better to me than most amps with a rackmounted delay in the FX loop.

    That's funny man, but I posted a "thank you gearjoneser" thread a few weeks back about me picking up one of these Line 6 Delay jobs. I found a scratch and dent one from American Musical Supply for less than 200 bucks.

    All sorts of vintage delays (modeled of course) with a very cool loop record function. The advertising says it's only 14 seconds worth, but it has a half speed setting for slowing down difficult passages. I found that to be useful, as I record in 1/2 speed mode and I get 28 seconds out of it. They don't tell you that you can do that in the manual.

    It also has stereo inputs and outputs. I picked up a L6 adapter for my One Spot and it really works well.

    Funny, I went to GJ's place to play some amps and came away with a pedal!

    Also, Tone Merchants has some GREAT amps. Best amp shop I've been to in regards to boutique stuff. Several bad cats, tone kings, marshalls, you name it. Two Rock, etc.,.

    In fact, he had a Trem Cat there a few weeks ago when I stopped by. It's a bit hard to find. Gotta go after hours because his neighbors in the business park don't like loud guitars!

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