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  • Chassis Cleaning Tips:

    Has anyone ever tried to "clean" their chassis? I was thinking of using some Nevr-Dull wadding cloth on mine to see if it'll help any of the pitting. It's not in bad shape, considering its' age....and I've used this on gold pick-up covers & it worked well.

    From their description: "NEVR-DULLŪ cleans and polishes all metals including silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, glass, steel, aluminum, and chromium. Removes rust and corrosion instantly. NEVR-DULLŪ removes rust and tar from automobile and motorcycle chrome. Leaves no deposits in the crevices of metal work. Excellent for: mag and chrome wheels, boat fitting, workshop tools, fishing gear, sinks, showers and campers."

    In reading the materials list on their website, it's basically 0000 steel wool treated with mineral spirits. Will that damage anything in an amp chassis or cause any problems with electronics? IT CLAIMS TO LEAVE NO RESIDUE, BUT WILL THE SLIGHTEST TRACE OF MINERAL SPIRITS STILL BE FLAMMABLE?

    This stuff works really well on everything I've ever used it on...just didn't wanna do something to the chassis without consulting you GENIUSES first!!!

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    Re: Chassis Cleaning Tips:

    Dislaimer: I'm no genius.

    My preference for polishing chassis' is DuPont's 606 lacquer polish for automotive-type finishes. If it's safe enough to do your car, it'll be o.k. for your amp chassis. It's a good, all-purpose type polish. I'm sure others will chime in soon with more suggestions.