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Diff Between PODxt and POD v2

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  • Diff Between PODxt and POD v2

    I have heard lots about the Line6 PODxt and POD v2.0. My friend wants to sell me his old POD v2.0.

    My questions are:
    1) How does v2.0 differ from the PODxt (apart from the interface)?

    2) How does the v2.0 sounds differ from XT? Can the v2.0 produce sounds that the PODxt has?

    3) I heard my friend say that you can actually download the sounds from the
    library and transfer it to the device. So going by that, it does not make much
    difference whether I have the XT or v2.0 right?

    4) He said he recently upgraded his chip to 2.3. Can that be done??

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    Re: Diff Between PODxt and POD v2

    The XT is almost completely different technology; this is important to note in some XT models do not sound the same as their 2.3 counterparts. Some diehards keep both around. Personally I like the XT's sound better, but some people are very critical of it. It's almost universal that the XT's cleans are way better and the distortion is as good or better with the patches.

    Apart from that, the XT has a screen, which comes in pretty handy, and a USB interface, which defnitely comes in handy. The USB gives you straight digital recording which means you can bypass a substandard soundcard and D/A conversion completely.

    Some people prefer the 2.x's distorted tones. I would definitely try to play through both before buying.

    Your friend is only half right. The Pods model 16 (32 with XT, I believe) different amps. They also model cabinets, effects and for the XT, even the recording mikes. Those models _don't_ change, and they do sound different from the XT to the 2.3. They can only be changed if Line6 releases a patch.

    The Pods also have memory slots which can remember your favorite combinations of amp models, cab models, effects, etc. Those can be changed by you and people do post those on the web, etc.

    When Line6 releases an upgrade, you can flash your POD's memory chip through the midi or for XT the USB interface. Some people had to replace the actual chip in the old PODs, I think.