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    Re: Robert Keely Modded pedals

    Originally posted by STRATDELUXER97
    I actually started out on vintage tube amps many years ago and just learned alot about electronics as I went...There's also alot of parts replacing and trial and error and trusting your ears on the changes...In the early stages or first time mod of any pedal,it helps to have a schematic and also know how to interpret it...Today you can find info over the internet from folks like Keeley and try some mods yourself...This wasn't possible a number of years ago and most modders wouldn't share any info with anyone else..I Like to experiment and tweak and make things better and I've gotten pretty good at it..You have to also have some patience and be able to hold a soldering iron in the right hand... Ffor me these days it's amps,pedals,guitar setups and electronics,and messing with pickups and magnets....

    cool, maybe one day ill give it a go. cheers