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Jackson Dk2 tremelo

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  • Jackson Dk2 tremelo

    So i'm getting an import Jackson DK2 from my girlfriend for graduation/birthday......Do the tremelos work fairly well on thease? i heard they dont, I have an original floyd on my USA Jackson and i love it..........My next question is if the tremelo isn't that great, would a tremsetter fix it? thanx!

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    Re: Jackson Dk2 tremelo

    they're not that bad, i think they are a bit better than most licensed floyds. better than the licensed one's you find on ESP's and stuff but not as good as say an ibanez edge or original. but if you end up not liking it you can just chgange it out for an original one.


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      Re: Jackson Dk2 tremelo

      it's the same tremolo as the ibanez edge pro .. same manufacturer, diferent logo. they do very well for floyd copies, but nothing ebats the original