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Bad Cat Trem Cat week 2 Update

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  • Bad Cat Trem Cat week 2 Update

    Well, teh amp now has all Groove Tube 12AX7-M (mullard copies), the NOS ef86 GECbrand, a NOS 5AR4 rectifier and a set of JJ EL84's.

    Now, I just ordered another Emminece Red fang 8 ohm speaker (red fangs are Emmis' version of the Celestion Alnico Blue). Very nice speaker. I'm going to put two of them in the Trem Cat.

    The Vintage 30/Greenback combo that is in there now has a rather Boomy bass to it and so, I've been testing the Red fang in my Tweed Deluxe and running it as a 1x12 at 8 ohms to see how the amp handled this type speaker. I also ran the amp in 15 watt mode.

    I think this is a great amp, but I think it needs a pair of Blues or these nwe Red Fangs.

    Honeymoon is still going on, but it sure sounds good through all my guitars. that's a first. Usually an amp I own favors one guitar over another. This one sounds good with all my guitars. I'm stoked.

    I really have been wanting to build a Tweed Super from Mission Amps, but I'm starting to think I might have to wait a while to justify another amp.

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    Re: Bad Cat Trem Cat week 2 Update

    sweet, those red fangs seem to be the hot new speaker, they keep coming up, and they are getting good reviews.....i may have to get one....
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      Re: Bad Cat Trem Cat week 2 Update

      Good to hear you like the amp. I gotta try those Red Fangs. Never heard them. Did you run the Tremcat into that other combo's speaker? Thats how you tested it? I'd love to hear your LP or PRS into the Tremcat, into a good 4-12. If it blew you away, it might even be worth buying a headshell from Badcat. I'm thinking of doing that with my Chieftain because I heard my LP/Chieftain/Bogner 4-12. Then, I plugged my strat into it, and heard perhaps the most awesome fat strat tone I've ever heard.
      Everyone knows how fat Matchless and Badcat amps sound as combos. I think they sound incredible as a halfstack!
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        Re: Bad Cat Trem Cat week 2 Update

        It was easy to just run a speaker line to the TweeD Deluxe with the redfang and then I set the selector on the amp to 8 ohms. When the new one gets here, I'm going to put them both into the Trem Cat.

        "You can't save everybody, everybody don't wanna be saved."