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Time to swap amps? Advice needed.

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  • Time to swap amps? Advice needed.

    I have 2 amps. A fender cybertwin and a Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30w.

    I like the fender's sound, but don't like the weight and I can't crank it up loud enough to overdrive anything. The H/K is ok, has decent cleans, but is still not thrilling me.

    I've thought about trading both in for 2 smaller tube amps (recommendations, please) and get a few pedals. I could have them in series and still have a portable amp.

    Would this be a mistake?
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    What are you calling smaller? wattage or speaker size or both?

    Depending on what style you play I'd tell you to check out seome dr. z's and bad cats. Boutique yes but worth the dough and the cranked tones are to die for. My 18 watt Z maz junior will keep up with a fender power chorus. Like a bad eighties song's in the way that you use it.

    On a cheaper side the peavey classic series really does well I like the classic 30. If you want a good fender my hat goes off to the deluxe reverb, and bassman reissue.

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      I have been GASsing for this: Twelve or 8 watts and it loves pedals. They are going for $900 and you can find them on ebay on rare occasion for around 6-700.

      Good luck and have fun with the quest...

      Low wattage rocks!
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        You could always get an OD pedal like a tubescreamer or something for that fender twin.
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          Thanks for the replies-

          To answer a few questions, I'd like a smaller size and wattage amp. The Fender CT sounds great to me but has many features I really don't use.

          J-the Fargen Blackbird sounds kinda what I'm after...thanks for the link.

          Have any of you linked two smaller amps together?
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            Peavey Classic won't miss the Fender after hearing the clean channel, and the distortion channel is great, very warm and smooth. You can pick one up for under $400

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              Yeah ive heard some pretty fantastic things about the peavey classic series. Try one out.

              Check out an ENGL Thunder 50 combo if you can, lovely sound.
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                classic 50? they weigh a bunch, though.

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