​I picked this up a few days ago after having played it at a local gear shop over the last couple of weeks and being quite impressed. Initially had my eyes on a Floyd Modded '82 Dan Smith Ten Pound Strat (I kid you not....HEAVY Ash Body) that was cool, but I felt was overpriced and needed some work to solidify the Floyd Mod. It wound up selling to a local gentleman who does a lot of eBay business (Carr Guitar).

Must say that I am glad that I passed on the Dan Smith as I have now spent some time playing the Roman Quicksilver through my Rivera and Boogie and it does not disappoint in any way; great sustain, individual note definition and, most importantly, tone. Excellent build quality, great woods and top shelf components, well done OFR mod, super comfy to play neck/fretboard radius/jumbo frets...everything I could want wrapped up in a lovely package.

*** EDIT: Contacted Ed Roman Guitars in Vegas and they concluded that based upon the three digit serial number and specifics of the guitar that it is a Quicksilver Classic Archtop Model most likely manufactured in 2002-2004 and that it features their Directly Coupled Bolt-In Neck, All Access Neck Joint and Black Back Duncans. Would have originally been a Tune-o-matic/Stop Tail as well. Starting Price prior to any options was $2,195.00.

*** EDIT: Further research led me to Roman Quicksilver #513 which is a 2004 so I'm pretty comfortable that mine is a 2004 as well being 26 guitars later.

Since there isn't much out there on these...I've contributed a bit of info that I have run across...

The Quicksilver Platform

Reminiscent of Paul Reed Smith's Body Shape with Only Minor Improvements. It wasn't easy to beat the original design but we think we did. See the major improvements at our
Quicksilver Versus PRS Full Comparison article.

The Quicksilver Platform Is Basically The Marriage of A Number Of Ed Roman Innovations:
  1. The 25" Scale 24 Fret Neck
  2. The Direct Couple System Bolt-In Neck
  3. The Ed Roman Designed All Access Neck Joint
  4. The Headstock Angle
  5. The 1/8" Ebony Slab on the headstock face for added strength
  6. The Solid Pickup Mounting System
  7. Push:Pull Pot design
  8. Tune-O-Matic Bridge
  9. Blackback pickups by Seymour Duncan eveloped for Ed and similar to the Pearly Gates and Custom Custom
  10. Choice of 12 different headstock shapes
  11. Choice of 100 different body shapes
  12. Choice of over 100 different wood combinations
  13. The Highest Level of Craftsmanship that make EVERY Ed Roman Guitar UNIQUELY INDIVIDUAL