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Gibson vs Fender style control

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  • Gibson vs Fender style control

    Who prefers one over the other and why? I'm talking Gibson's Volume/Volume/Tone/Tone/3-way vs Fender's Volume/Tone/Tone/5-way or Volume/Tone/3-way.

    I know they both work well, but it's interesting to me so few Fenders come with multiple volume controls, while a whole slew of Gibsons do. Is it simply tradition?
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    I like them both but lean towards Gibson. The volume is too close to the pickup for me with the Fender design. My HH Strat is wired VOL/VOL/TONE 5-way super switch.

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      Gibson style with separate volumes. Would be beneficial even on Fenders to balance and mix the pickups, though it's not that big of a deal. Usually I find it's needed to get the in-between positions to sound right - so technically, neither. Really what I need is Fender style master volume with a mini-variable resistor for each pickup in the wiring cavity - just set and forget.
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        I can get along happily with any of them . . . and there are pluses/minuses . . . but personal preference is one volume, one tone. I like to play with both the volume and tone knobs a lot and find it's just easier to keep track of everything when there are fewer knobs.
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          I like the Strat, since I am more used to that. I'd actually like 1 vol, 1 tone, and the switch.
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            1V1T, 2V2T, 2V1T. Probably wouldn't mind a single pup guitar with just 1V either.

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