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4 vintage 30's or 2 greenbacks+2 vintage 30's ?

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  • 4 vintage 30's or 2 greenbacks+2 vintage 30's ?

    i have a recto 4x12 cab that i use for hard rockin bluesy metal type stuff should i go 4 vintage 30's or 2 vintage 30's and 2 greenbacks in an X pattern thanks scott
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    Re: 4 vintage 30's or 2 greenbacks+2 vintage 30's ?

    id say go 2 and 2, that way if u dont like 2 of them, you could sell the other two prbly be able to get the 2 matching ones at a very slight loss. who knows, u may like the greenbacks more and end up getting 2 more of them (over the v30's)

    i have a feeling scott will say something about red fangs, he seems to really like them.....i really wanna try one out as well
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      Re: 4 vintage 30's or 2 greenbacks+2 vintage 30's ?

      i hear people say dont mix greenbacks, me i love v30's but g12's are nice 2. somebody else out there hear anything about greenbacks? I played um at guitar center and they sound ok - I think it was somthing to do with wattage diff if you mix-I cant remember


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        Re: 4 vintage 30's or 2 greenbacks+2 vintage 30's ?

        You don't really need to think about the wattage, as long as the ohms are all equal.

        My Jubilee cabs have the stock G-75's on the bottom and the top two are Vin 30's.
        I really like that combo, because I hear the vintage 30's more, but feel the highs and lows of the G-75's at my pantlegs. I like the effect of splitting them or crisscrossing different speakers. It just makes it more 3 D and fills all the frequencies in better.
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          Re: 4 vintage 30's or 2 greenbacks+2 vintage 30's ?

          I like the idea of mixing speakers and think its good to do but i wouldnt go with vintage 30s and greenbacks. I personally am not the biggest fan of greenbacks, although all im going on is what it sounded like through a new marshall AX cab and a DSL and i really dont like new marshall stuff, but i did have my ENGL vintage 30 cab in the same room at the time and the vintage 30s sounded heaps better in my opinion. Much tighter but still with that soggyness about them that i love.

          I think with whatever you get you can just sell them and swap them as many times as you like anyway. Gear's combo of g75s and v30s sounds like a good combo, but id also give the g12h30's a go, they sound like an awesome speaker although ive never heard them in person.

          Id go with 2 vintage 30's and 2 g12h30's, great for rock and blues alike i would think.
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