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How many guitars do you currently own?

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    I currently have 3 electrics up for sale.

    Then there is my first electric-acoustic (dreadnaught) that I don't play anymore, and the shallow-body electric-acoustic that replaced it because it is more comfortable to play.

    Then there are my five keepers:
    A les paul style, active pickups, standard tuning
    a les paul style, passive pickups, standard tuning
    a les paul style, active pups, setup for Eb/Drop C#, D/Drop C tuning and D Modal tunings
    a hardtail superstrat HH style, passive pups, setup for Drop B/Drop A tuning
    an HSS strat, passive pups, standard tuning, soon to have a Prail installed in the bridge position

    And finally, one of those Traveler guitars.

    After getting the HSS strat recently, i feel I've now got access to all the tunings and tones that I need and want. I really don't want another guitar. I know, "famous last words", right?
    Sanford: "The hardest part about tone chasing is losing the expectations associated with the hardware."