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    The saddles being at the 25.5" mark makes more sense to me. I'll measure a couple of my Fenders and see what they say.
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      On my other guitars of that scale length (none of which are Fender strats), 25.5" roughly aligns with the saddles rather than the bridge posts.
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        So after a very small amount of sanding the heel of the neck with 180 grit sandpaper it seems to fit much better into the recess - albeit with more space than I would like between the neck and upper cutaway. Nevertheless it seems to sit very solidly into the pocket. If anything needs to be done there I will address it later.

        I had to borrow a drill for the bridge post mounting screws etc.

        They say measure twice and cut once. I reckon I must have measured at least 5 times along with lots of additional measurements to ensure that the holes are correctly aligned along the centre-line and parrallel to the bridge route and with the right distance between the mounting holes and the saddles to allow for correct intonation.

        Iīm not sure if itīs typical, but to try and ensure that I had the maximum possible leeway for intonation, I set the first and second saddles at the opposite extremes of their range, and the same for the fifth and sixth, then used that as a rough guide for the 25.5" mark.
        There is actually a bit more range on the bass side saddles, so itīs not exactly perfectly parrallel, but I was able to get a clear idea of distance from there.

        I then measured from there to the centre of the screw holes in order to compensate for the distance from the screw holes to the actual 25.5" mark.
        I happen to have a stew mac bridge routing template which came in really useful as it has markings for a 6 hole bridge as well as the 2 post that I originally bought it for, so that allowed me to position the holes properly for drilling.

        I was probably a bit paranoid with intonation and getting the bridge holes properly drilled (I guess thatīs normally done before-hand on a parts build). In any case, I taped down the template and used a 2mm drill bit by hand to mark the positions of each of the holes starting with the 2 outer ones, then the four inners. Once I was happy all the holes would align properly, I removed the template and I drilled to depth (a bit less then the thread length of the screws) with the 2mm bit for all 6 (again starting with the two outer holes.) only after I was happy with those I drilled to 2.5mm and threaded with the screws

        Click image for larger version

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        In the picture the holes are drilled and threaded. Iīm pretty happy that I have done a good job of it. Itīs the part I was most concerned with messing up. You can see the outer two holes are a little wider as I hadnīt screwed the 4 inner screws down completely (on purpose).

        With all the measurements concentrated on intonation, it didnīt occur to me to check the scratchplate.

        As you can see, it doesnīt fit:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	scratchplate.jpg
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        To be honest, Iīd rather have the intonation correct and have to file / sand down the scratchplate a bit around the neck cutout. I donīt imagine it will be a major problem.

        I had thought Iīd be able to get the scratchplate holes drilled fairly quickly once I finished with the bridge holes though itīll most likely take me a few days to get to it now.
        I also have the two output jack holes and two trem claw holes to drill.


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          Quick update:

          I got all the holes drilled pretty quickly, but then with lockdowns I wasn't able to get it to the luthier for painting so decided to work on the contours.

          ... also still waiting for the solder I ordered before Christmas ☹️

          All the other parts arrived (eventually) but the solder was out of stock so I still haven't been able to wire the pickguard. I'm really curious to know what the pickups sound like.

          I'm hoping to have a bit more time over the weekend to file and sand the elbow and waist contours as they're both pretty small. After a lot of time sanding I took a fine file to it, but still have lots of work to do to get it where I want it.


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            Looking forward to seeing it.
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              Thanks for the update! It seems strange it takes so long to get solder. Any shops in your area that might carry it, or know anyone you can borrow from?
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                It's really ridiculous. I was going to buy some locally but felt it was stupid to buy it as I had ordered a whole spool. Now things are locked down more so no idea where I could get some but I'm sure there must be some place.
                I sent an email yesterday asking for an update. If it's not in stock or I don't hear back by Monday I'll ask for a refund.