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Are all of your guitars 100%?

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    All my guitars are gig ready (even though I'm more a bedroom player these days) and don't have any major work to be done. I try to keep the strings fresh on all of them, even if I do play more than others. But the herd continues to grow and grow...


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      I have 13-guitars and all but one is 100%. The one that is no Bueno is a 1960's 12 string acoustic that needs to have the neck reset to correct its break angle. I am debating whether I really want to invest that kind of money or just refretting it with taller frets? The break angle isn't so bad that it can't be played, but it is in need of definite attention. All my other guitars are ready to grab and go sans a set of new strings perhaps.

      I tend to cycle through guitars. I have about 5 or 6 that sit out and I will grab them semi-randomly to play. Every year or so, I will exchange one or two for other guitars in my collection. I have doubled the number of guitars I own in the past 5 years or so and it is kind of nice having so many options. I started building guitars which has fast-tracked most of that acquisition!


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        ... I think so.

        The last year or so has been a crazy binge/purge of gear, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I said yes, then got home and found something I’d forgotten about.

        For instance, one of my basses may need the pots wired. And my Ibanez 7 string is rigged with one pickup, no controls, and a Jack plate I made out of a random piece of plastic.
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          I have to replace the pickups on my Epiphone Wildkat,
          aswell as the knobs. (I melted two of them with a soldering iron. Don't do drugs, kids!)

          Also thinking about some minor mods, since it will be the last guitar I own (hopefully). I.e. I'd like to replace the plastic rear rout covers with wooden ones, and have my name engraved on em.
          But that's off topic.

          If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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            I have many projects, but instead of working on them I play a working guitar instead. I should start fixing one guitar a day and I'll be done by spring, maybe?


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              I'm obsessive about setup and optimizing every aspect of my guitars. So every one of them is 100% performance ready.
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