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Epiphone Standard vs 61

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  • Epiphone Standard vs 61

    Hello folks I have a 2020 Gibson Les Paul 1950s Slash Standard and I want a SG for my collection. For 2020 there is an Epiphone Standard with Alnico V Classic Pros and the 61 reissue with Alnico II Pro Buckers.

    I’m stuck between which one to buy. My Les Paul has the Alnico II Gibson Slash Buckers so I’m leaning towards the Standard Epi SG cause it has Alnico V pups with a more “modern” tone.

    Also the supposedly the Standard has a little more beef at the heel and maybe a thicker neck.

    Has anyone tried both of these guitars?

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    My thought is that you won't know for sure until you try them.
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      I'd lean toward the 61 and just replace the pickups if you don't like the sound.


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        I can't imagine any differences in quality that rise above personal preference, so yeah.

        Originally posted by Mincer View Post
        My thought is that you won't know for sure until you try them.
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          If possible try both guitars and select the one that speaks to you. The new Epiphone SG's are nice, and I could be satisfied with either guitar.
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