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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate it a lot, love hearing opinions and advice given in this forum!!
    "The Cool Rails is like the single coil-size version of the Jazz. So, thinking like that, it is like a JB with 2 Jazz pickups. It would be a classic setup. It is ready to rock. Can't wait for the pics and review!" Mincer, this is AWESOME to hear, that gives me even more hope that this will sound much like my LP, but perhaps even better! Since my LP is a REALLY nice piece and sounds amazing, I'm even more anxious to get my hands on this Kramer!!
    I will certainly give it everything I have and may even have a buddy, who is a MUCH better shredder than I am give it a try and see what he thinks. As soon as I have a few miles on it, I will post up some thoughts and reviews!!
    Semi-Newb, still trying to learn as much as I can!!

    RWG LP w/ SD JB/Jazz Combo
    Mitchel MD400 w/ SD Pearly Gate/Duckbucker combo
    HLK Southern Belle (Tele) w/SD 1/4 lb/Tele Pickup combo
    Fender Acoustic/Electric


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      Love the color. That thing should sound killer with that pup selection.