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    Originally posted by JB_From_Hell View Post
    Just to muddy the waters a bit, the B tuned pioneers, like Carcass, Trouble, Cannibal Corpse, etc... all used a .056, and often on Les Pauls. Part of that old school death metal sound is the tuning being a little wonky.
    You can definitely hear that there is something up with the pitch on a lot of those early records. Those guys were often using whatever they could find that would actually work. I mean, if we go back a little further, tony Iommi used .008s for C#. Those sabbath records were not dead on pitch either...

    I just want to be as on as I can. When the pitch swings almost a half step for an accent for a hard hit’s annoying and not what I wrote.

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      What you described is normal to an extent with any guitar, any string, any nexion explained. This is most evident on thicker strings and shorter scale lengths. When you pick any string the greater magnitude of the string's vibration causes it to be sharp due to the increased tension created. As the wave diminishes so does the tension and thus the tuning. Some players (especially those who play heavy and fast, not allowing the note to decay) will purposely tune their guitars to the "pluck". My personal style allows notes to sustain so I tune to the "decay" (after the string vibration has settled down somewhat).

      Tune your guitar to fit your playing style.
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